SCR Dancin Hickory

SCR Dancin Hickory, 2016 Colt

Peptoes Lil Angie, 2014 Filly

Peptoes Lil Angie, 2014 Filly

My Sophisticated CD, 2014 Gelding

My Sophisticated CD, 2014 

Peptoes Cat, 2015 Filly

SCR Peptoes Cat, 2015 Filly

Wimpychic, 2014 Filly

SCR Wimpychic, 2014 Filly

Sold - Houston Who

Houston Who

Sold - Cadillac Diamond

SCR Cadillac Diamond

Sold - Garretts First Spark

Garretts First Spark

Sold - CD Colonel, 2009 Gelding

 SCR CD Colonel, 2009 Gelding

Sold - Emerald Shiner, 2008 Colt

SCR Emerald Shiner, 2008 Colt

Sold - High Octane Tule

SCR High Octane Tule

Sold - Peptoes Dun It, 2009 Filly

SCR Peptoes Dun It, 2009 Filly

Sold - Shiney Peptoes, 2009 Filly

SCR Shiney Peptoes, 2009 Filly

Sold - Shining Wade

 Shining Wade

Sold - Smart Dreamgirl

Smart Dreamgirl

Sold - Superclean Peptoes

Superclean Peptoes

Sold - Royal Colonel

Royal Colonel

Sold - Dry Peppy Pride

Dry Peppy Pride

Peptoes Spark

Peptoes Spark

SCR Royal Eagle

SCR Royal Eagle

Cats n Kings

Cats n Kings, 2012

SCR Peptoes Leadfree

SCR Peptoes Leadfree, 2011

Merada Chic, 2014 Filly

Merada Chic, 2014 Filly

Dineros Boon, 2014 Filly

 Dineros Boon, 2014 Filly

Catty CD

Catty CD, 2015 Filly

Frenchmans Boon

Frenchmans Boon, 2015 Colt


Peptoeslilwimpy, 2015 Colt

SCR Toosweettodual

 SCR Toosweettodual, 2016 Filly

SCR Knock on Wood

SCR Knock on Wood, 2016 Colt

Ransom for Louie

Ransom for Louie, 2011 Gelding

SCR Chromed Results

SCR Chromed Results, 2016        

SCR CD Peptoes

SCR CD Peptoes, 2016 Gelding    

SCR Dualinon Tuesday

SCR Dualinon Tuesday, 2016       

SCR Sweet Royal Pep

SCR Sweet Royal Pep - 2017 Filly

MH Boon by the Black

MH Boon by the Black

SCR Shiney Dash

      SCR Shiney Dash, 2013 Gelding

SCR Prime Diamond

SCR Prime Diamond, 2016 Gelding

SCR Streakin Wimpy

SCR Streakin Wimpy, 2016 Gelding 

SCR Royal Bay Dash

SCR Royal Bay Dash, 2016 Gelding

SCR One Tuff Peptoes

 SCR One Tuff Peptoes, 2017 Colt         

SCR Peptoes Merada

SCR Peptoes Merada,  2017 Colt   

Queen of the Guys

Queen of the Guys         

SCR Catty Peptoes

  SCR Catty Peptoes, 2018 Filly     

SCR Streak of Pepto, 2019 Filly    

SCR Firewater Streak, 2019 Gelding      

Weavers Ima Smooth

Weavers Ima Smooth, 2019 Filly   



Ready Set Go Girl

Ready Set Go Girl

      SCR Wimpy Pep, 2018 Filly      

SCR Peptoes Be Tuff

SCR Peptoes Be Tuff, 2018 Colt

Woody's Moonshine

Woody's Moonshine

This Fame is Serious

This Fame is Serious

Dancin Ta Heavin

Dancin Ta Heavin

SCR Peptoes Red Cat

SCR Peptoes Red Cat, 2019 Filly

SCR Peps Wimpy

SCR Peps Wimpy, 2019 Filly

SCR Royal Whiskey

SCR Royal Whiskey, 2018 Filly

SCR Sweet Lil Dinero

SCR Sweet Lil Dinero, 2020 Colt

SCR Fling By Peptoes

SCR Fling By Peptoes, 2020 Filly

SCR Fancy Pants

SCR Fancy Pants, 2021 Colt

SCR Peps Merada

SCR Peps Merada, 2021 Colt

SCR Peptoes Highbrow

SCR Peptoes Highbrow, 2021 Filly

SCR Peptoes Doc

SCR Peptoes Doc, 2021 Filly

SCR Ruby's Fling

SCR Ruby's Fling, 2018 Filly

SCR Fiery Cartel

SCR Fiery Cartel, 2020 Colt

SCR  A Fancy Peptoes

SCR A Fancy Peptoes, 2020 Gelding

SCR Peppywimp

SCR Peppywimp, 2020 Colt

SCR Pepto Flash

SCR Pepto Flash, 2021 Colt

SCR Meteles Pepto

SCR Meteles Pepto, 2021 Filly

SCR Whole Lotta Pep, 2022 Colt

SCR Whole Lotta Pep, 2022 Colt

SCR Wimpys Lil Pep

SCR Wimpys Lil Pep, 2022 Colt

SCR Smooth Dash

SCR Smooth Dash, 2018 Filly

SCR RubysDash

SCR Rubys Dash, 2020 Colt

SCR TuesdaysDualRey

  SCR Tuesdays DualRey, 2017 Gelding

SCR DontStoppHer

SCR Dont Stopp Her, 2020 Filly

SCR Lenas Rollz

SCR Lenas Rollz, 2020 Filly